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           Knowledge Management - Gesto do Conhecimento
  • Knowledge Management : Journals
    • Knowledge Inc. Articles from the premiere issue of this new publication described as the "Executive Report on Knowledge, Technology and Performance" by the founding editor Britton Manasco. [Thanks Britton!!] Also worth checking out: Editorial Column, Articles on the Knowledge Enterprise, Interviews with 'Leading Lights', Calendar of KM Events.
    • KM Metazine This webzine focuses on Knowledge Management with specfic emphasis on Documentation and Training issues. Also supports a Cumulative Index. Journal of Universal Computer Science (Special Issue on IT for Knowledge Management), 3 (8), 1997, Springer-Verlag. (To be reprinted in: Borghoff, U.M. and Pareschi, R., (Eds.), Information Technology for Knowledge Management. Springer-Verlag, 1998)
      • KM Metazine presents a unique approach to publishing a special-interest magazine. Each issue, KM Metazine will be published in two distinct, but complementary formats: KM Briefs and the complete KM Metazine.
      • KM Briefs is the abbreviated "Executive Summary" version of the full publication. KM Briefs will be available in print (by subscription and complementary distribution) and in Acrobat Portable Document Format.
      • KM Metazine is an expanded, full-text, hyper-linked version, containing more information than KM Briefs. KM Metazine can also be acquired on disc (by subscription) and is available in both HTML and PDF formats on this Web server.
    • Karl M Wiig; books published and distributed by Schema Press, 5211 Vicksburg Dr, Arlington, TX 76017; Fax (817) 478-1048; Email 71117, The 3 volumes are:
      • Volume 1; Knowledge Management Foundations, Thinking about thinking, How people and organisations create, represent and use knowledge; ISBN 0-9638925-0-9
      • Volume 2; Knowledge Management, The central focus for intelligent-acting organisations; ISBN 0-9638925-1-7
      • Volume 3; Knowledge Management methods, Practical approaches to managing knowledge; ISBN 0-9638925-2-5
    • The International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
      • The International Journal of Human-Computer Studies is a scholarly journal published monthly by Academic Press. IJHCS was founded as the International Journal of Man-Machine Studies (IJMMS) in 1968 by Barrie Chaplin, Brian Gaines and John Gedye at the University of Essex. It originally published 400 pages a year on a quarterly basis. It has grown over the years until today it publishes some 2,700 pages a year on a monthly basis. In 1989, IJMMS spun off a sister journal, Knowledge Acquisition, which published 6 annual volumes of some 400 pages a year. In 1994, IJMMS updated its name to become the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, and in 1995 it reabsorbed Knowledge Acquisition.
    • The Journal of Mind and Behavior
      • The Journal of Mind and Behavior (JMB) is dedicated to the interdisciplinary approach within psychology and related fields - building upon the assumption of a unified science. Mind and behavior position, interact, and causally relate to each other in multidirectional ways; JMB urges the exploration of these interrelationships. Contains a very good search engine for searching abstracts.
    • KnowledgeManagement World